Am-2201 5g

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Research Chemicals > Cannabinoids I hope I put this into the right section.I'm new to the site so don't bash me My pet FISH says that UR-144 is closer to
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AM-2201 is a UK legal, synthetic cannabinoid, of very high quality for laboratory research.

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28/10/12: The UK government recently announced plans to ban synthetic cannininoids including AM-2201 and UR-144. Once we have sold current stock we will no longer be
Effects - Which is better and which is.
am-2201 on sale just ask jay !! Jay Muise Outta The A.T.L (Atlanta, GA.) 2011.. Reviewing & Smoking "STUK! Herbal Incense" Stuk! Not For Human Consumption

Am-2201 5g

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Buy AM-2201 here at AM-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid with a purity of over 99%. AM 2201 is a very potent research chemical.
3 Comments. WHAT THE FUCK LOL. Comment by tyjo26 - July 26, 2011 @ 3:15 pm. WOW! I use 1 gram am 2201 over a half oz? of leaf! and its potent. 5 dollars a gram/5 for 20
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How to make spice, the easy way! (Shake. Effects - Which is better and which is.

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Am-2201 5g


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